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May 12, 2015

Potential Catalyst Right in Front of Us?

Consensus thinking seems to be that there is no inflation; but is the consensus right?

When we went to listen to James Bullard, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis several weeks ago here in Chicago, he indicated the key item that the Fed is looking for was a pickup in inflation prior to raising rates. He said the economy, in his opinion, was expanding and was not the issue.

I went up to him afterward to ask what they use as their indicator and how quickly the Fed might rise once it met their criteria. Although he would not disclose exactly what their criteria was, he did say if they observed the necessary inflation signal there would be 1) a collective sigh of relief since they have been trying to re-inflate (remember, “don’t fight the Fed”) and 2) there would be a rate increase in 30 to 60 days in his opinion. Four points on this subject:

  1. Fed Chair Yellen confirmed several weeks ago that rate raises are probable during last part of 2015
  2. Walmart, McDonalds and Target all raise wages
  3. The paragraph below from Argus Research is of interest in relation to Mr. Bullard's comments
  4. From a tactical perspective the best time to add commodity exposure may be when the Fed is increasing rates. [READ WHITE PAPER HERE]

Rise in Underlying Inflation

Headline CPI inflation may have been zero in the past year, but that doesn't mean inflationary pressures have disappeared -- and the Fed is, of course, watching closely. The Core CPI, also calculated by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and excluding food and energy, rose at a 1.7% rate over the past year. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland calculates that the Median CPI rose 2.2% in the past year. In February, the FRB-Cleveland's Median CPI jumped 0.247%, which is an annualized rise of 3%. In fact, the annual inflation rate of the Median CPI has exceeded 2% (the Fed's "target") for 15 consecutive months. Housing costs are keeping Core CPI inflation low. The BLS estimates that the "home owners equivalent rent" (roughly a quarter of core inflation) has run around 2.6% for the past year. But their index of actual rents has accelerated from 2.8% to 3.4% in the past 12 months. As energy prices settle down, we may see inflation begin to pick up in the quarters ahead.

While we believe that commodities should always be considered a core holding overall, perhaps there is indeed a catalyst for higher commodity prices close at hand that no one seems to expect.

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